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Beth H We Are Not All Egomaniacs ICSAA 2021

March 04, 2022 secular AA Season 2 Episode 12
secular AA's Podcast
Beth H We Are Not All Egomaniacs ICSAA 2021
Show Notes

Beth H from Arizona, (pen-name Beth Aich) tells her story with inspired We Are Not All Egomaniacs: Adopting the Twelve Steps for Alcoholics with Low Self-Esteem.

Not everyone share's the Bill W narrative of Type-A self-centered person with a drinking problem who needs ego-deflation at depth to find and keep sobriety. Beth finds that when faced with distress some of us are fighters. But some flee, freeze or fawn. This is the story of empowering instead of dis-empowering those of us who suffer from alcohol use (or other drugs).

December 11th , 2021 was the second virtual International Conference of Secular AA  and with six hours+ of content coming from two Zoom rooms, three months later, we are still editing and posting panels and talks from a wonderful day of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Listen, share, enjoy.

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