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Secular OA NA ACA CODA & Al-Anon - 2022 ICSAA Not an Outside Issue

November 04, 2022 secular AA, ICSA, CODA, Al-Anon, OA, NA Season 3 Episode 27
Secular AA's Podcast
Secular OA NA ACA CODA & Al-Anon - 2022 ICSAA Not an Outside Issue
Show Notes

Cooperation within AA, and beyond, makes room for members of other mutual-aid, peer-to-peer organizations which at ICSAA - a community of freethinkers - are not/is not, an outside issue.

How many people with addiction have a problematic relationship with one process or substance, and champion moderation in every other mood/mind/comfort-altering activity or consumable?

Yes, many of us have earned a seat in more than one mutual-aid room.  In a freethinker's gathering about recovery from addiction, what exactly would be an outside issue?

So, it's the custom of ICSAA to create a panel of other peer-to-peer fellowships. We do it again at 2022 ICSAA: Here and Now.

Join Jim D and Jenne M of OA, Ken S of NA, Sheila K and Chia W of Al-Anon, Jill B and Elaine M of Adult Children of Alcoholics, Matt H of CODA, along with fiends and participants.

Many of these groups can be found on lists updated by volunteers like this one:
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Al-Anon meeting in this room Sunday at 3:30 eastern time


Resources and support for secular members of Over-eaters Anonymous (OA) and others dealing with obsessive food behaviors.

Jenne’s favorite secular 12-step book: The Alternative 12 Steps: A Secular Guide to Recovery  Martha Cleveland, phd + Arlys G. 

Food Freedom Resource Manual:

 Website for OA Secular Service Board:


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