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The New Frontier: psychedelics, plant-based therapy, and recovery discussion at ICSAA 2022

November 06, 2022 secular AA Season 3 Episode 28
secular AA's Podcast
The New Frontier: psychedelics, plant-based therapy, and recovery discussion at ICSAA 2022
Show Notes

A New Frontier? From founders to today's people in recovery, "many paths" includes getting stuck and finding help to 'un-stuck' ones recovery. BriJet and Michelle, host a panel of people who share their lived experience followed by open sharing at the 5th biennial International Conference of Secular AA.

Listen to members talking about their experience with recovery and emerging practices in synthetic and pant-based, clinically assisted recovery. Synthetic psychoactive chemical MDMA is emerging with the promise of treating post traumatic stress disorder in phase-3 trials. Cannabinoids,   plant medicines (like ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms), are currently being used in clinical, supervised settings. In combination with psychotherapy, scientists see promise for patients that have not responded to other treatments for depression, anxiety and PTSD. Unlike street drugs, which may be adulterated and unsafe, practitioners and researchers use a pure, precisely dosed form of the drug.

 Like any AA talk or meeting, this will not be for everyone.

"It becomes clear that just as it is wrong to enable or support any alcoholic to become re-addicted to any drug, it’s equally wrong to deprive any alcoholic of medication, which can alleviate or control other disabling physical and/or emotional problems."
The A.A. Member: Medication and Other Drugs, P-11

About ICSAA:
Since 1990, the Alcoholics Anonymous world convention has included a "We Agnostics" panel where atheists, agnostics and freethinkers in AA gather and share their experiences. The first international secular gathering of AA was in Santa Monica in 2014. We met in Austin in 2016, Toronto in 2018 and while we planned an in-person meeting in Washington DC in 2020, we have been meeting virtually on Zoom since then. This 2022 event marks the fifth biennial gathering .
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