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Sydney ASTL We Are Not All Egomaniacs meeting with Beth H and readings

November 10, 2022 secular AA Season 3 Episode 34
Secular AA's Podcast
Sydney ASTL We Are Not All Egomaniacs meeting with Beth H and readings
Show Notes

This is an awesome recording; we are hyping the content - not the sound quality. This is a meeting recorded on ZOOM so some who share are crystal clear, others are a little funky - but the content is great from evereyone. And it's a long one, just less than two hours.

This is all about the book We Are Not All Egomaniacs: Adapting the 12 Steps for Alcoholics with Low Self-Esteem.

If you're asking, "What's that?" This audio is for you; it is PJ giving a history of this Sydney Australia based Zoom meeting, Beth H the author talking about how she never related to Bill W's ego problem in need of deflation. Then we get a feel of the book.  Like a podcast Step-Study, members read selections from Beth's book and reflecting on their own experience. It's a Steps 1 to 3 workshop with a refreshing approach.

If you know and love this book, go get it and read along; it will be like being there.

This was the 5th biennial International Conference of Secular AA, held on Zoom October 29th and 30th, 2022.  Our first was Santa Monica 2014, Austin was 2016, Toronto in 2018 and Washington DC was scheduled for 2020 but COVID moved us online, allowing us the flexibility to meet every year + have our first European #ICSAA in 2021.

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If you'd like to go to this meeting mentioned in today's podcast,  it meets Saturday morning in Australia so email below for details and check your local time zone; it has become a very international gathering.

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