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The Lopsided Triangle: A Millennial look at AA Sevice

November 20, 2022 secular AA Season 3 Episode 36
secular AA's Podcast
The Lopsided Triangle: A Millennial look at AA Sevice
Show Notes

We are so pleased to have Coree and Bobbi from the Lopsided Triangle Group talking about the AA service structure and how this millennial zeitgeist Zoom group challenges AA convention and asks how we can widen the gateway and better meet then needs of underrepresented populations.

Everyone in AA is welcome to join the conversation Sunday nights (8 PM on the West Coast) where panels and speakers have talked about AA's history and future, what's on the program at the General Service Conference, Is AA a Cult, how does discrimination frustrate AA's wish to reach anyone, anywhere who seeks help with their drinking.

This recording from the 5th biennial International Conference of Secular AA on Zoom late Saturday evening (October 29th, 20220) where Bobbi and Coree logged in from the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service trustees weekend in New York. Coree and Bobbi share about their experiences in AA and open things up to Q&A + member sharing.
Lopsided Triangle Group meets Sundays at 8 PM Pacific Time on Zoom: 872 3115 6543

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