secular AA's Podcast

Agnostics in Progress ICSAA 2023 Aug 6

August 07, 2023 secular AA Season 3 Episode 52
secular AA's Podcast
Agnostics in Progress ICSAA 2023 Aug 6
Show Notes

August 2023 International Conference of Secular AA (ICSAA)  monthly world-tour of speaker meetings is NW/International this episode. Our host meeting in Tuesday Noon (Pacific) Agnostics In Progress group from Bellevue/Issaquah Washington, USA with speakers; 

  • Janice WA, 
  • Kenji CA and 
  • Richard of British Columbia Canada. 

Following these talks is sharing from around our agnostic/atheist/freethinkers AA world. This is a warm and wonderful meeting and should offer something for anyone in long-term recovery or just dabbling with sober-curious interests.

Next month, we are in PARIS (English speaking meeting) September 3rd, 7 PM in Paris (Central Europe), 6 PM UTC, 1 PM East and 11 AM Pacific for North American participants. Everyone is welcome to join our monthly open/public secular AA meeting.

ZOOM ID 864 4074 0033
Passcode 121212

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