Secular AA's Podcast

The Family Afterward 2021 with Penny M, Stasia & Frank S

December 13, 2021 secular AA Season 2 Episode 2
Secular AA's Podcast
The Family Afterward 2021 with Penny M, Stasia & Frank S
Show Notes

The 2021 International Conference of Secular AA, December 11 2021, presents a third decade of the 21st century contemporary update from our 80+ year old text, Alcoholics Anonymous. From "The Doctor's Opinion" to "A Vision for You," we take to heart how the book wraps up: "... the book is meant to be suggestive only. We realize that we know only a little."

And as hinted at, more has been disclosed about AA life. Our Zoom conference spent some time looking at the history of the writing of AA's first book. We spent more time looking at AA today, unabashed and in our own words.

the Big Book's "A Family Afterward" closes with three simple precepts that stand up to the test of time: 

  • First Things First
  • Live And Let Live
  • Easy Does It

The chapter starts with a stereotype of a married, male heterosexual, all-America drunk. Today's talks don't aim to throw stones at our quaint 1939 writings, nor are we trying to create a new stereotype. Instead, we offer a sample, one sample of multi-generational alcohol use disorder and recovery in  AA, starting with Penny who sobered up as a young mom in 1968, followed by her daughter and son-in-law, both in long-term recovery. Others in this recording, from ICSAA 2021, share their present-day family experiences with us and reflect on the stories so generously shared from our panelists.

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