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Not an Outside Issue: Secular OA, NA, CoDA

December 21, 2021 secular AA
secular AA's Podcast
Not an Outside Issue: Secular OA, NA, CoDA
Show Notes

While Alcoholics Anonymous is not affiliated with Al-Anon or other peer to peer support—including 12-step fellowships—there has always been cooperation, since our early days. 

Today, many of us fall prey to more than affliction, simultaneously or one addiction at a time. Friends we haven’t met yet await us in many mutual-aid groups. At the 2021 International Conference of Secular AA we are pleased to have members from other fellowships gather with us: Secular Overeaters, Secular Narcotics Anonymous and Agnostic, Humanist and Atheist Codependency Support Group. 

We hear firsthand accounts of trials and triumphs of people in recovery from addiction and codependency, led by participants, Jim, Jenne, Ken and Matt. If you are so moved by this podcast, please visit these websites for information and/or connection: 

This was from our Zoom conference, ICSAA 2021 held December 11th, 2021.

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